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I grew up in a secular household and became a Christ-follower in college.  I started in the Evangelical church, but God led me to the Presbyterian Church when calling me to ordination. I graduated from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary 8 months pregnant and embarked on ten years of staying home to raise my kids.  During that time, I was ordained, worked part-time in churches, and got a second Masters Degree at McGill University.  In 2017, I became the Pastor at Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Beaconsfield, Québec, Canada (on the island of Montreal).  



Theologically, I am learning to leave behind the authoritarianism, fundamentalism, white supremacy, and misogyny of my first faith.  I am learning that God is beyond my imagination and that faith and love can always grow.  Join me on my journey of discovering the breadth, depth, width, and height of God's love.  Join me on my journey with Jesus.  I hope it can help you with yours.


Prayer is an important part of my life of faith.  Liturgical prayer has been a life line for me in times of lament and uncertainty.  I've started compiling and writing my own, posting them on my blog and leading Morning Prayer at the church with them. 


I also write weekly devotionals and sermons exhorting members of my congregation to be contemplatives in action.  Based on the Biblical text, these pieces help us discover a deeper relationship with God that in turn fuels action in the world through social justice.  You can find them on my blog.


Lately, God has reawakened my inner poet and I am enjoying writing in that genre again.  You can find some of my poems on my social media.  


I also love fantasy—reading, writing, gaming, art.  You will find some of that here as well.  



Check out my thesis for my M.A. at Mcgill University in Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity.

Aseneth in Alexandria: The Ethics of Wealth in Joseph and Aseneth in the Ancient Ascetic Context

Here is a devotional I wrote for the 2021 Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Lenten Devotional.

Here are some articles about me in The Beaconsfield Journal:

God and COVID-19 (pg. 2)

A Profile of My Life (pg. 9 & 15)

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